Our experience in fleet sales, custom engineering, and driver safety training ensure your fleet and fleet operators are second to none.


For over 10 years, BCDS has been a preferred Comprehensive Fleet Management vendor for numerous Fortune 500 companies and Federal entities.  Our turn-key service includes preventive maintenance, spares inventory management, major maintenance, access control and monitoring, and operator training.  Our experience covers a wide range of vehicles, including AMG Hummers, Jeep Wrangler excursion vehicles, JDM Toyota research vehicles, and even light motorcycles.

Fleet Sales, Leasing, Operations, & Management

Endela Partners have been involved in fleet sales, leasing management and operations for over 10 years. Anvil Rock has provided significant support to commercial and US Federal Government customers, while providing training and support services to those clients. Partner IBS has been supervising the purchase, management and service of the Groupe Nduom fleet in Ghana, Africa for over 3 years, increasing the size of that fleet to over 100 various vehicles, heavy trucks, ambulances, and construction equipment.

Driver Safety Training Programs & Field Expedient Repair

Motor Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of casualties in many Humanitarian Relief Operations.  To address this critical issue, Endela and our partner companies have developed several Driver Safety Training programs.  Our courses cover a full range of mission environments from desert to jungle to arctic conditions, and have been proven to reduce accidents and injuries.

Specialty Vehicle Engineering Projects

When missions require unique vehicle capabilities, Endela and our partner companies stand ready to engineer and fabricate modifications and customizations for any task.  In the past, we have constructed vehicles to support Ebola response and sample gathering, vehicle rollover response training, and sustained long-range travel and survival.