Anvil Rock and IBS to form Endela Joint Venture to Supply Transportation Services and Fleet Sales of US Made Vehicles into West Africa

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Arlington, VA, February 1, 2016

Anvil Rock has signed an agreement with IBS, LLC of the District to provide transportation using purpose built US made vehicles, including fleet sales and leasing for US funded projects in West Africa. IBS represents African partner Groupe Nduom in the US. Groupe Nduom is a broad based multinational business group with headquarters and industrial complex in Ghana and throughout West Africa.

The team currently exports over 70 US made vehicles per year into West Africa for commercial operations in that part of the continent with a present fleet of over 200 vehicles managed for those clients. IBS also purchases and exports mining, construction, power and other equipment for use in Ghana. Currently, a 5-acre vehicle service and support facility is under construction by IBS to enhance current support for equipment and vehicle fleets, providing original OEM replacement parts, trained mechanics and drivers to teams deployed into West Africa countries. IBS also provides logistics, lodging, and media support in Ghana and Liberia, with plans to expand partnerships into Sierra Leone, Togo, Zimbabwe, and Cote d’Ivoire.

“The Endela HD Jeep Wrangler is now supported throughout Africa, is price competitive, versatile, with ESC, air bags, a removable hard top and full roll bar

Anvil Rock has committed to continuing training of IBS and Groupe Nduom drivers, and to have each trained in security fundamentals as they become available for use by humanitarian teams deployed to African missions. Anvil Rock also will train IBS mechanics at their headquarters location.

“Having a safe operating environment for teams deployed by USAID and US NGO’s is paramount to delivering US funded assistance to West Africa countries. It is time we used US made vehicles with modern safety standards, full roll bars, and drivers with security training to help with these missions.” Says Anvil Rock CEO Paul Flaherty. “The Toyota Series 70 Land Cruiser design is now 30 years old, and will be discontinued in Japan this year, and the last Defender has already rolled off the line. Road accidents are the cause of most fatalities in deployed teams, why not choose a safer vehicle that is also US made, providing US jobs for US funded development and training projects? By choosing a US vehicle, NGO’s don’t have to worry about the 22CFR waiver process either.”

Endela intends to supply a forward pre-positioned stock of US made vehicles including 5 and 7 seat Heavy Duty SUV’s, mid and full size pickup trucks, and heavy duty 4X4 chassis built into bus and cargo carriers for austere environments. In addition to the support facility in Ghana, these vehicles are already supported by a factory authorized network within West Africa countries. New parts facilities have been opened in South Africa and Dubai to support OEM parts for these vehicles on the African continent, and the dealer network is growing rapidly.

About Endela:

Endela is a joint venture between Anvil Rock and IBS, a Groupe Nduom company. Endela was formed to support the fleet and transportation needs of NGO’s and the US Government in Africa, including vehicle sales, leasing and rental. Endela also provides full turn-key logistics capabilities for aid & humanitarian teams including transportation, security, lodging, subsistence and translation services.

About Anvil Rock:

Anvil Rock and its predecessor companies have been providing services, product and training to Federal Government customers since 2004. Anvil Rock has managed commercial off road driver excursions in Montana (H1 Hummer Fleet) and Virginia (Jeep Wrangler Fleet). Anvil Rock has also provided fleet management and leasing of Toyota vehicles to the West Virginia National Guard Training Fleet, the USSOCOM LT-ATV Fleet, and the West Virginia National Guard Motorcycle Training Fleet. Anvil Rock’s BCDS division has trained over 10,000 personnel in driver safety, security, and mechanical repair prior to deployment overseas, including UN Security forces, from our own fleet of over 25 Toyota Land Cruiser and Hi-Lux vehicles at east and west coast Anvil Rock Training Centers (ARTC).

About Groupe Nduom:

Group Nduom is a family owned Ghanaian business conglomerate which employs over 3000 personnel in Africa and the United States supporting Hospitality, Media, Finance, Banking, and Industrial Manufacturing. Groupe Nduom manages a fleet of over 200 vehicles in Africa to support operations throughout their business concerns.

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