will-leaman-cooWilliam Leaman

Chief Operating Officer

Biography: With more than 25 years of engineering, sales and entrepreneurial expertise, Leaman is focused on strategic supplier development and vehicle engineering for this rapidly growing international transportation logistics provider. William’s career has ranged from designing Vehicle Guidance Systems to US Warfighter pre-deployment mobility training, with an emphasis on wheeled vehicles and automotive markets.  Early in his career, William served as VP of Commercialization for Luna Innovations – a world leader in nano-materials and sensor R&D.  In this role, he introduced embedded fiber-optic sensors to Airbus, GE Power Systems, and Baker Hughes. Perhaps his most groundbreaking accomplishment was the initial design of shape-sending fiber sensors, a technology that became the core of robotic surgical systems. Early in his engineering career, William was tasked by Litton Corp with designing key components for guidance systems ranging from Abrams tanks and Blackhawk helicopters to Trident II nuclear missiles.

In 2004, William founded Back Country Driving School Inc. (BCDS), he developed mission critical driver and mechanic training programs that improved US Special Operators’ safety, mobility, and effectiveness in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa. His commercial fleet management experience includes the design, procurement and operation of the H1 Hummer Driving Experience and Sport Shooting excursions at a famous ranch resort in Montana and the Back Country experience using a Jeep fleet at the Homestead Resort in Virginia. He also designed, developed and delivered the LATV Training Program for Naval Special Warfare units worldwide among other projects.

In 2011, William was one of 6 corporate leaders chosen to serve on the USSSOC Team MRAP program, delivering life-saving armored vehicles and training to US Special Operations units. As COO of Anvil Rock, Inc., Leaman has been instrumental in the management of operation contracts including the USMC Security Cooperation Advisory Team at Camp Lejeune, NC, the USAF sponsored Airport Vehicle Safety Program for the Pakistani Air Force and the supply and operation of vehicle and motorcycle training fleets for the West Virginia National Guard.

William holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, has been awarded several US Patents, is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, an I4WDTA Master Trainer, and previously served on the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Board of Directors.