Our comprehensive transportation and logistics services ensure your operation runs smoothly.


Endela was designed to be a full transportation services provider, no matter the need. We can supply vehicles and/or teams to deploy to austere environments to provide secure transportation of deployed support teams for their development activities. We have a strong history of providing training that saves lives in the field. Endela, along with our partners Groupe Nduom in West Africa can arrange the logistics of temporary or permanent life support services such as lodging, food services, or transportation needs from place to place for your team or equipment, whether deployed for a week or months at a location.

Spare Parts & Field Support

Endela provides original OEM spare parts and field support teams that can be deployed to austere locations at a moment’s notice. The 160,000 SF FCA Parts distribution facilities in Dubai and South Africa assure that the parts can be obtained as quickly as overnight, if not already in stock. Endela maintains relationships with the entire worldwide network of FCA local automobile dealers, where warranty work can be carried out if required.

Training Programs & Services

Endela provides training and service programs for fleet management and driver safety in multiple platforms, including, motorcycles, ATV, LATV, automobile, light SUV and heavy trucks. We specialize in paved to off road transition, vehicle handling characteristics, security programs, and expedient repair options to get your vehicle back to base camp.

What makes the course so worthwhile is that many of the skills one learns are counter-intuitive…As a result of taking the course, I feel confident that I am better suited to drive off-road or in the snow or mud.  For those who travel for work purposes to remote, rugged areas, this type of training is a must!

Drivers & Trained Security Personnel

Anvil Rock has developed and provided multiple scenario driven training programs for all types and skill levels of individual teams deploying to overseas high-threat areas. We have trained celebrity chefs and camera teams, to medical teams, health care providers, and foreign law enforcement officers. How would you react in a tense situation where casualties and time are a factor? We show you how to survive if the worst should happen.

Logistics & Transportation of Goods and Equipment

Endela facilities in the US National Capital Region have the capability to supply over 8000 SF of transit warehouse space in Alexandria, Virginia. Our facility in Ghana can supply over 24,000 SF of storage space prior to deployment to project locations in the field to West Africa locations.

Lodging, Meeting Services, & Food Services

Our partner in Ghana, Coconut Grove Resorts can arrange for lodging, meeting space and food services throughout West African countries. Endela is proud to support utilization of local small businesses versus large chain organization to supply local labor content for these type services.